Whenever there’s a decline in the death rate in Iraq, whenever there are fewer soldiers killed or maimed than in the month preceeding, you’ll see a lot of bluster and hyperbole coming from right wingers: things are going great! We can sure see the light at the end of the tunnel NOW!

Well, we’ve heard about that light at the end of the tunnel before. Sometimes it turns out to be an onrushing train.

I don’t like to do the inverse, to jump on every report of a fatality as proof that I am right and all who oppose me are wrong. But given that the mutilated bodies of Americans — either contractors or CIA guys, depending on who you believe — are now being dragged triumphantly through the streets by cheering throngs…well, I think I speak for a lot of people when I respectfully ask the next right winger who might be tempted, in a month or two, or whenever the next lull hits, to write about how we’ve really turned a corner NOW — to instead, perhaps, consider shutting the fuck up.

Update: Lot of people are saying they were mercenaries.