Decided to make better use of the sidebars, so I’ve moved a few things around. Among other things, this allows me to get rid of the notes about t-shirts and booksignings and so on that were always stuck up above the blog. Which means you’ll have to retrain yourself to read from the top of the page, rather than skipping over the first few paragraphs. Hey, I’ve got your number.

I’m also considering accepting a limited amount of advertising, to help defray costs, but under very specific and arbitrary guidelines — for instance, it doesn’t feel right to me to accept advertising from specific political candidates, given what I do for a living.

This redesign does free up space for me to donate to worthwhile causes, such as the pro-choice march on April 25. I can’t make any promises, of course, but charities and nonprofits are encouraged to contact me (contact info now incorporated into the FAQ button over to your right).

Finally, my solemn pledge to you: as God is my witness, this site will never, ever feature blinking, flashing, animated advertising of any sort. I really hate that crap.