Atrios nails it…

…once again:

For all the talk about how the protesters were “supporting ANSWER” why do my friends on the other side never worry too much about supporting the theocratic aims of Reverend Moon and the Unification Church? The latter owns an influential Washington daily newspaper, much beloved in all conservative circles, and has published and presumably paid ANSWER-bashers Glenn Reynolds, Jonah Goldberg, Andrew Sullivan, etc. Unlike the former, who have no political influence and presumably minimal financial backing, Moon is a billionaire who donates oodles to many other right wing causes and organizations. While anti-war protesters were accused of supporting Stalinism and coddling dictators simply for showing up to an anti-war protest sponsored in part by a pathetic shell of an organization, many of our favorite conservatives actually work for a powerful wealthy man who has used his vast financial resources to push his frightening political agenda.

More. And The Consortium has a lot more on Moon, including this tidbit:

On May 1, 1997, Moon told a group of followers that “the country that represents Satan’s harvest is America.” [ Unification News, June 1997] In other sermons, he has vowed that his victorious movement will “digest” any American who tries to maintain his or her individuality. He especially has criticized American women who must “negate yourself 100 percent” to be a receptacle for the male seed.

Talk about an America-hater.