I have so many interesting friends

Inquiry T. Kenton, Phasing Q. Parricide, Fishwives G. Levied, Spangle H. Pouts, Skippered P. Pausing, Codger I. Compensating, Autocrat J. Cleanliness, Flower I. Prompting, Nakedest C. Chickasaw, Mestizo K. Ubiquitos , Befouling S. Rebirths and Cuckolding L. Skunk, just to name a few.

Oh, and how could I overlook Urination H. Dreamless? Good old Uri, we called him, back in the day.

…whoops! Moments after I posted this, I got an email from one Wrongheaded B. Certifiable, which would be a pretty great nickname for the current occupant of the Oval Office, now that I think about it.