One more on those Team Leaders

Just found this site, which is all over the astroturf campaigns — they’ve got both of the ones I’ve mentioned, as well as several others, and a list of the papers which have fallen for them. So here’s your Team Tomorrow assignment: go look and see if your hometown paper is on one of the lists, and if they are, write them and let them know that they’ve been suckered by the Republicans. Again.

Afterthought: be sure to let the editors of these papers know about the Team Leader site, or the watchdog link above, so they can keep an eye out for these astroturf campaigns for themselves.

Also, several of these papers look to be repeat offenders — as a native Iowan, the Iowa City Press Citizen jumps out at me, and there seem to be a few others. You might want to make a special point of enlightening the particularly gullible editors of these papers.