Down the memory hole

To follow up on the previous post — if you’ve paid attention over the past few days, you’ve seen the mainstream media timidly and dutifully reporting the current conventional wisdom — that there is no proof that the Bushies cherry-picked the intel and/or pressured intelligence agencies to tell them what they wanted to hear.

But if you were paying attention last year, you can only wonder: what the fuck? Do these people not read their own newspapers? (Or, in some cases, their own columns — see Marshall’s comments on Hoagland for more about that.)

It’s not some craaaazy conspiracy theory — it’s a reported and substantiated fact that Rumsfeld set up his own intel-gathering unit because he wasn’t happy with what the CIA was giving him.

You remember that movie Dark City, a few years back? Malevolent creatures rewrite reality each night as the population sleeps, and no one ever seems to notice.

You probably see where I’m headed with that.

Anyway, my friend Jason Vest has co-authored a timely piece in Mother Jones on this very topic, if you’re needing a reality check. (Unfortunately there’s only a little bit of it online, so you may have to go to one of those places, with the books, where you walk in and give them the money — you know what I mean.)

* * *

I have a busy day or two ahead, so there probably won’t be much for you here.