Joe Lieberman seems to think he deserves the presidency on the basis of anecdotal evidence — i.e., all the people who keep coming up to him and telling him that he’s the only man who can really do the job, by golly.

…Clark wants to believe, if I understand him correctly, that (a) people in the military don’t join political parties, (b) therefore it’s okay that he voted for Nixon and Reagan because he wasn’t “really” a Republican, and (c) upon entering civilian life, he suddenly discovered that he was actually a Democrat. (And I wish he hadn’t dodged the question about Michael Moore calling Bush a deserter — that would have been a good moment to lay out the facts about President AWOL. Instead, all the talking heads on Fox are now dismissing it as an “outrageous allegation.”)

…Dean looks chagrined. Should have come out fighting.

…Sean Hannity thinks Lieberman is the most “reasonable” of the Democrats.