Whining conservatives: junior league

They control all three branches of government and the media are either actively on their side or so cowed by accusations of bias that they bend over backwards to be “fair”…but there are still some liberal college professors out there. Fortunately, the college Republicans in Colorado are on the case.

How concerned are they about the terrible discrimination they face? Well, the slogan on the t-shirts they sell reads, “Join us now…or work for us later.”

The cry of the oppressed and powerless throughout history.

(…reminds me of the time I saw some baby-faced Republican on Hannity & Colmes, whining because some professor had assigned Barbara Ehrenreich’s book, Nickel & Dimed, in which she describes her experiences working at Wal-Mart level jobs and attempting to live on the wages earned there. Hannity’s response: the professors should assign Ann Coulter’s book instead.)

…turns out the young Republicans are real “with it” hepcats who “keep it real.” My mistake, playas.

…we have, of course, covered this ground already. The National Review wasn’t paying attention, I guess.