Okay, let me get this straight…

George Bush wants to cut taxes while financing his various wars and nation-building efforts…

and go back to the moon?

Every credit card in the national wallet is maxed out, and Dad suddenly has a midlife crisis and decides he wants to buy a friggin’ moon rocket.

It’s no wonder the neighbors think we’re crazy.

…since it’s enough to drive a man to drink, let’s stop by the Whiskey Bar:

The best part, though, is how Lone Star Command decided to go to both the moon and Mars:

The decision was controversial within the White House, with some aides arguing that it would make more sense to focus immediately on Mars, since humans have already landed on the moon and a Mars mission would build cleanly on the success of Spirit, the U.S. rover that landed safely on Mars last weekend.

So who helped the President make the call? The NASA administrator? His chief science advisor? A team from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory? Surely the Bush White House relied on the most qualified, technically informed experts it could find to make such a momentous decision about the future of the U.S. space program.

Of course not:

Bush himself settled the divisions, according to the sources, working from options that had been narrowed down by his senior adviser, Karl Rove.