Brooks redux

I really didn’t even scratch the surface of his column yesterday, with its layers upon layers of sheer, forehead-slapping wrongness.

Fortunately, others did:

Josh Marshall rips into Brooks’ blatantly dishonest rhetorical tactics, particularly his promotion of the nascent right-wing dream meme equating criticism of the neocons with anti-Semitism. Because everyone knows that “neocon” is code for Jooooish, even though it’s, um, the term the neocons use to refer to themselves.

TBogg handles the name-caller-decrying-name-calling bit.

And let us not overlook Brooks’ peculiar take on PNAC:

The full-mooners fixated on a think tank called the Project for the New American Century, which has a staff of five and issues memos on foreign policy. To hear these people describe it, PNAC is sort of a Yiddish Trilateral Commission, the nexus of the sprawling neocon tentacles.

…which “Three Hegemons” neatly dissects (via email):

Considering PNAC is signed by, among others, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfield, and Paul Wolfowitz, it doesn’t seem like that unreasonable to cite it as a source for ideas on administration foreign policy.

Shorter Tom Tomorrow: that David Brooks sure is some kind of bonehead, isn’t he?

…oops! And of course the Daily Howler is on Brooks like flies on, um, you know. As is MWO.