This is the cover of Ann Coulter’s next book.

Look, I know she’s a clown. I know she’s an opportunist who says outrageous things to provoke a response, draw attention to herself. But Roy Cohn was also a clown and an opportunist. The messenger may be an idiot, but it doesn’t mean that the message is harmless.

But of course, we never do seem to learn from the lessons of history. They’ve got a word for you, if you stand up and say hey, I think we’ve been down this road before, and it didn’t really work out so well the last time. And that word is not “thoughtful,” or “concerned.” That word is “alarmist.” As if alarms are a bad thing. As if we should wait until the flames are consuming the first floor and the hallways are filled with smoke before we respond, because raising a hue and cry any earlier would be, well, you know. Alarmist.

(Heads up on the book via Carl of anti-Coulter. He’s kind of on hiatus right now, but I think he’ll be back.)