Tempest continues

(posted by Tom)

Gosh, have you ever seen so many panties in a wad?

Look, the cartoon’s fair game, of course, and none of this is unexpected — you make fun of a bunch of bloviators, you’re going to get some bloviating. The only thing I really object to is the canard that it was attacking veterans. What it was attacking was pomposity; the self-important rhetoric of those who tell us in flowery language that the mounting death toll is a necessary and even a good thing. No rightie blogger was ever so callous, you say? Well, do you remember the “flypaper strategy”? The idea that the deaths of our troops are a good thing because as long as the terrorists are busy attacking them, they can’t come after us?

And I’m the one who doesn’t “support the troops”?

I have to catch a plane, but since this thing is clearly going to continue awhile in my absence, one quick note: remember, I don’t do comments. I’m told that some jackass on one of these message boards is posting in my name. If you read some comment somewhere allegedly by me, remember that it’s not.

(Edited for rushed early morning excess.)