Tempest in a teapot

I had a feeling the Instant Pundit was going to link to this.

(Wish “LT Smash” had been upfront enough to let me know he was posting our entire exchange as it occurred; I would have been more careful about typos.)

Look, defending cartoons is a slippery slope, but the point of this one was clearly not to disparage vets — as I wrote to “LT Smash”, it draws a clear distinction between those who are in the field risking their lives, and those who seem to think they are fighting a war at home by maintaining a weblog.

It’s true, as I wrote the cartoon, I wasn’t thinking about people in the field who are also blogging in support of the war. Because those people are not the point of the cartoon.

But that nonexistent cartoon, the one in which I disrespect veterans — that’s the one all the chickenbloggers will be discussing now, you can count on it.