Signed books

Since I didn’t get much of a book tour this time out, I’ve been trying to figure out a way I can make at least a few more signed books available to those of you who care about that sort of thing. The sticking point, as always, is time — I just don’t have a lot of it to spare these days. But with a little help from my friends, I may be able to offer signed books for awhile over the holiday season. This will be a Paypal-only deal — I won’t be set up to handle money orders, checks, etc. I’ll post more details as soon as I have them.

Update: to make this work, we’d probably need to charge $25 postpaid. That’s for a personalized copy of the book, inscribed however you want, and probably with a small drawing of a penguin as well. Before I go to the trouble of setting this up, though, I want to get a quick head count (which is why I’m bumping this post to the top of the page) — how many people would even be interested in this? Email me and let me know: tomtomorrow-at-ix-dot-netcom-dot-com.