What a wanker.

Is Neal Pollack back from his tour yet? I think this calls for his patented brand of rabble rousing. “Donald Luskin” day, anyone?

Update: Atrios has a roundup of responses. I believe what we are witnessing here is Luskin’s meltdown, the moment at which he becomes a laughingstock even to those inclined to agree with him. It’s the sound of one man’s credibility flushing down a toilet.

He has, in short, just made a motorcycle jump over a shark tank.

Update: a reader informs me that Fonzie actually made a water ski jump over the infamous shark tank. And Neal Pollack emails to let me know that he’s still on tour, but will try to post something next week. And speaking of Neal, he says he’ll be on the Daily Show tonight.

Update two: Neal suggests next Tuesday be declared “Luskin is a stalker” day on the blogs. I know some other bloggers are pushing for tomorrow. Is there any consensus on this? (Or maybe, when you think about it, every day is “Luskin is a stalker” day…)