To elaborate on a couple items noted above — first, the price on signed prints is going up from $30 to $35 as of November 15. I’m letting you know in advance in case you were thinking about ordering one of these for Christmas — the old price will be honored for all orders received before Nov. 15, even though they may not get shipped out until after.

And toward the end of the week, I’ll be in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. Actually Henderson, Nevada, but close enough. I’m giving two presentations, one on Friday and one on Saturday, at different venues — go to the Vegas Valley Book Festival website
for details. My colleague Ted Rall will also be appearing at the festival, though we’re not speaking at any events together — the organizers missed a chance there, I think; anyone who thinks Ted and I are carbon copies of one another needs only to watch us on a panel sometime (let alone sit at a table with us after a few pitchers of beer) .

Speaking of Ted, it looks like he’s started up one of these blogs that are so popular with the kids today. Go say hello, tell him Tom sent you.

As for me, well, once again, another busy week ahead. I’ve said this before, but I think until further notice, uneven posting will have to be considered the norm rather than the exception around here.