More on indy bookstores

Been whining lately about a couple that have kind of blown me off, so to balance the relentless negativity which is often my stock in trade, I’d like to give credit where due — at least insofar as I am able, monitoring the situation from my command center here deep in the hidden underground labryinth headquarters of Tomorrowco Industries. Which is to say, most of what I know comes from random emails from readers and bookstore employees. But from what I hear, I owe big kudos to the legendary City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco, where the book is reportedly on prominent display and selling at a brisk pace, and to Square Books in Oxford Mississippi, where similarly good things are apparently happening thanks to what my correspondent describes as an “enthusiastic” staff. My sincere thanks to both; reports from other locales are welcome.

One more: I haven’t been in the neighborhood recently, but I’m told that Shakespeare & Co., right across the river over in the big city of Manhattan, is also on the side of the angels.

Added to the honor roll: Moe’s in Berkeley and Tattered Cover in Denver. Thanks, kids!

(Afterthought: if you’re in one of these stores and they’re not stocking it, by all means, ask them why.)