Irritating news

My earlier post on SF bookstores inspired a couple of people to send in reports on how they’re handling the book out there, and frankly, I’m appalled, at least at two stores in particular — one of which had a single copy hidden away under a table, the other of which had ordered (and sold) three copies and did not intend to order any more.


Not only have I spent a lot of my career trying to support indy bookstores, I’ve had several standing-room-only events at both of these specific indys. And this is my payback, this is my thanks.

Man, this pisses me off.

Afterthought: having had some time to go to my happy place, I’m reminded that I also received a report not long ago that the book was displayed prominently at the SF Airport bookstore. Which is totally bizarre, because I’m just not an airport bookstore kind of author, but hey, you take what you can get…