Hey SF/Berkeley bookstores

As readers of this site are aware, I’ve had some problems with my publisher in terms of publicity and such. I’m trying to salvage things a bit, and one of my efforts involves setting up some events in San Francisco, in conjunction with Salon. I’ve got a commitment from the Cartoon Art Museum, but need to get something set up at a bookstore as well to help convince the publisher to cough up a plane ticket. It’s kind of last minute, which is to say there’s “only” a month’s lead time, but I’m hoping somebody will squeeze me in, considering how many standing-room only events I’ve had at these stores over the years, and how many hundreds of copies of books I’ve sold. So far, no luck though. Hey Cody’s, hey Clean Well Lighted, hey Booksmith…don’t tell me you’ve forgotten? After everything we’ve been through — sniff — did it really mean so little?