Quick hits

The Defense Intelligence Agency says Ahmad Chalabi was, if you’ll excuse a slight paraphrase, blowing smoke up administration’s collective ass. The House Intelligence Committee says that the Bushies used outdated and unreliable intel to justify the war. Dick Cheney is still linking 9/11 and Iraq. And on the Plame front, the White House says they’ll provide phone logs to Justice if asked — though they haven’t been reticent in making phone logs public when it suits their purposes.

As for me, I’m still rushing to beat deadlines before I head up to give that talk in Geneva (NY, not Switzerland), so unfortunately I’m not going to have much time to comment on any of this for a few days. Keep checking Josh, Kos and Atrios — I have a feeling they’ll be on the case.

One more: White House officially denies that Rove was the leaker. This is significant for a couple of reasons. First, they’re not in control of the story, they’re playing catch-up. Second, if it was Rove — and remember, there are six other journalists to whom this story was shopped before Novak bit on it — then we’re into “what did the President know and when did he know it?” territory.

Also, a quick thought as to why some of our friends on the right seem so befuddled by this “confusing” story — is it because they still believe the White House spin on the Niger story — i.e., that the uranium to which Bush referred in the SOTU speech was from some other unnamed African country, and therefore there was no reason for the White House to act vindictively toward Wilson?

All I know is, anyone who does not vociferously denounce this leak is clearly objectively pro-treason.