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Bob Goodsell sees a connection between the Bush administration’s recent burst of honesty and a lawsuit filed by the family of John O’Neill — and he works in Hurricane Isabel.

The Linear World tracks the evolution of one of Cheney’s boilerplate speeches.

And Goblin cartoons has turned the whole thing into a fine drinking game.

Update — reader Brad H. has some thoughts on Bush’s letter to Congress:

The obvious administration spin on this will be that section (2) is merely affirmation that the action against Iraq is a part of a larger war on terror. Indeed, it does not explicitly state that Iraq was involved with 9/11- though having section (2) in the in the same spare document with a delcaration against Iraq heavily implies it.

What we’ll see is a parsing of this sentence, and a disection of just exactly what the president ment when he wrote it. Of course, the conservative talking heads will eat this up, completely ignoring the irony that it was Clinton’s close parsing of words and phrases in the exact same manner that they themselves harped on in the late 90’s.