Roller coaster ride continues

Enough of you responded to my pathetic wheedling to kick the book back up on Amazon’s chart from about #2600 to #202 as I write this, and I do thank you for that. (By the way, that entry below has been updated with genuine reader testimonials. For what that’s worth.)

Update — yet another unsolicited endorsement, from reader Neil K.:

C’mon people, a great Big Book for only $17! With words and comics and color! Certainly it’s not asking too much to pluck down 17 bucks and
support the guy who runs this extremely useful and entertaining blog. If you’re reading this, that means you visit this site and pay nada — yet you are getting oh-so-much in return. So, c’mon: put down that $17 bottle of Chardonay; buy the new Warren Zevon CD but do you really need to own “Anger Management” on DVD? I think not. Feed your brain.

And a blog review here.