Operation Enduring Optimism

From ABCNews.com:

Camp officials told ABCNEWS that it’s the uncertainty of their fate that is the worst punishment for the prisoners.

The guards should know, because they probably spend more time with Guantanamo’s inmates than anyone else.

“When you’re inside The Wire, it’s always professional,” said one of the guards, “because otherwise, that might affect some sort of decision you might have to make.”

Most of the soldiers don’t want to get too close. But some hope, at least, that their unusual relationship might have a purpose.

“Eventually, when they get released back to their country,” said Sgt. Joseph Ademuwagun, a guard, “they’ll tell people Americans are generous and good people.”

Oh, yeah. That’s what’s gonna happen.

(Via the listserv of Mark Crispin Miller, who really, really, really needs to start a blog.)