So much to blog, so little time

From the NY Times this morning:

A week after President Bush’s speech seeking to rally support for the campaign in Iraq, the nation appears increasingly anxious about the war effort and worried that the United States may be trapped in an adventure from which there is no evident exit, according to interviews during the last five days with Americans across the nation, historians, social scientists and pollsters.

Some people went so far as to suggest a comparison with an earlier military action that had an unhappy history: the war in Vietnam.

There is no sign that Americans have turned from their original support of what many describe as the object of the invasion: removing Saddam Hussein from power and lessening the threat of terrorist attacks at home. And support for Mr. Bush remains relatively strong, if not as strong as it was even a month ago, according to pollsters.

But there is, by many measures, a gnawing unease about the course of this mission and a realization that the conflict will be deadlier, more expensive and longer-lasting than Mr. Bush signaled when he landed on an aircraft carrier off San Diego on May 1 to celebrate the fall of Saddam Hussein. In the most recent evidence of that, a Washington Post/ABC News poll published today found a nine-point jump in the last three weeks, to 46 percent, in the number of Americans who disapprove of Mr. Bush’s Iraq policy, while the number who expressed support for the policy slipped to 52 percent from 56 percent.

Must be that damned Bush-hating Howell Raines at work again — oh, wait.