From the mailbag

That police-shooting-dog story inspired a few messages making this point:

I am a dog lover. Even if I wasn’t I would be shocked and appalled by this incident.

But what I want to point out is the really scary part of this story:

Mrs. Grundy sees this station wagon drive past, and sees the money flying out of the wallet. She is not a trained observer. She is just a nosy busybody. Yet on her say so, these people are on their knees, handcuffed, with many guns pointed at them, and no idea of why it is happenning. They then are forced to watch their pet get murdered. ALL BECAUSE MRS. GRUNDY SAID SO!!! The police even checked to see if there had been a robbery that they could have been a part of, and there wasn’t. And they were still held at gunpoint!

This is the America of John Ashcroft’s vision. How many more lives will be lost or ruined because of it?