Tan, rested and ready, Sullivan has returned from his leisurely August vacation to once again cheer on the troops for doing such a great job as, well, bait. He posted this Monday:

The extra beauty of this strategy is that it creates a target for Islamist terrorists that is not Israel.

The next day, thirteen people were killed and dozens more wounded in two separate suicide attacks in Israel.

This is the thing: this absolutely delusional idea that terrorism is a zero sum game, that there are a static number of terrorists which can be kept busy, and therefore away from us. (Leaving aside, for the moment, the sheer depravity of that very concept — that our troops are best utilized as bait, to keep the bad guys occupied.)

But don’t imagine that ongoing attacks in Israel will dissuade the proponents of “flypaper.” The concept has no grounding in reality to begin with, so it’s certainly not going to be disproven by, you know, reality. For that matter, don’t imagine that another attack on US soil would change their minds. If that happens, they’ll just blame you and me, for criticizing the President, encouraging the terrorists with our disunity.

And round and round and round it goes.

Afterthought: anyone capable of referring casually to these people as “flypaper” is a walking moral abyss.

Update: Even more good news for Andrew.