The moral relativism of the right

This says it exactly:

The anti-Michael Moore backlash is now underway, I notice. And about time too. I have to own up to following the herd and believing the disinformation spread about him. He’s fat! He’s hairy! He looks pleased with himself! He lives in a nice house! How can he possibly have anything to say about important issues? We watched Bowling for Columbine last week and although Moore does try to tie too much together, and in his enthusiasm turns out to have relied on some news material that has since been proven to be inaccurate, I still wonder how anyone with a functioning consciousness could come away from this film thinking that he’s just the left’s equivalent of Ann Coulter*. I feel deeply ashamed of myself for taking the word of vacuous twits and not going to see the film when it came out so that I could make my own mind up.

*Recap: Moore gets angry because kids get shot, Coulter gets angry because liberals get to write for newspapers. Yeah, they’re really both as bad as each other…. (Emphasis added.)

Via SullyWatch.