All the world’s a stage

Only saw a bit of the 9/11 movie, but I’ve got it recorded, and I suppose I’ll have to force myself to sit through it sooner or later. As for the “real” president and his little appearance last night — well, he reminded me of the guys who come on the subway car and begin their spiel:

Excuse me ladies and gentlemen, I’m sorry to disturb you, my name is George W. Bush and I’ve had a run of bad luck, can you please find it in your hearts to donate eighty seven billion dollars…

Oh, and Europe, old friend, old pal? About that “freedom fry” business? Just kidding!

Afterthought: the oddity of casting Timothy “That’s My Bush” Bottoms in the 9/11 movie has been widely noted. But there was another particularly inspired casting choice: Condi Rice is played by the actress who is best known as the scheming wife of 24’s President Palmer, a character who spent the second season of the show conspiring with wealthy oilmen to start an unnecessary war in the Middle East.